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Contemporary Christian Music

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to play guitar and sing. It was even more incredible to be used to create the God Project. What an amazing journey. The completion of this CD has fulfilled a dream of simply completing one. For that I am truly grateful. To you God – I thank you for this gift of music and most importantly – for your son.
– Doug Phair

This album has been a wonderful season of beginnings and endings for me personally. I prayed a prayer years ago that God might give me a song… I had no idea what He has in store. I give Him all the glory… It’s His album, may He bless you as much as He has blessed us through this project.
-Marnie Phair

About Us


about us

The main thing is that the main thing is the main thing…..
Doug and Marnie Phair were radically changed by this teaching and from this new frame work of being comes the music and lyrics.

With each song they write there is a scriptural reference that surrounds it.  As long time musicians they felt an urgency to create music that spoke truth and would honour the Lord.

They sing what they live and they live what they sing.

To God be the glory!