Submitted by marnie on Mon, 02/15/2016 - 13:38

God working in us and through us!


This song was written after the Babine Lake Mill explosion.  Members of the community gathered at the Margret Patrick Memorial Center to mourn together.  It was time in our community of great sadness and I was struck by the hopelessness that hovered.  I got up the next day and within an hour I had the lyrics for this song written.  

We have hope - it's Jesus, He is our Hope! 

This song was written during a very difficult season for us personally.  Doug's sister Joanne had been courageously fighting her battle with cancer.  Doug and I were preparing to head to Kamloops to visit as things had taken a turn for the worse and that evening while sitting in our home, Doug started playing a melody and I heard the lyrics almost immediately.  The song was complete within minutes and we knew it needed to be on the album.  We recorded the song at the studio in Kamloops while Jo was being transferred from the hospital to hospice.  The vocals on the album are raw with emotion, we never changed a thing.  This song is dedicated to our Jo - she truly was an inspiration and always encouraged us in pursuing our dream to complete a CD!